Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year 2007!

Happy New Year everybody and everyone!

Every New Year starts a new chapter in life. Yes. I also start a new year with resolutions.

I like to have 2007 as Year of INVESTMENT.

Investment on HealthKeeping good health status to live longer. Carrying out regular medical checkup and exercising to keep me fit.

Investment on Career – Concentrating on activities to shape up career – make career more intesting and constantly growing

Investment on Money – Taking steps to invest money for future.

Investment on Life – All the above three are important in getting the investment in life. But other than these – I like to involve in charity activites that gives more meaning & stability to my life.

Resolutions for the Year 2007

1) What - Improving Book Reading Habit

How – By introducing one book every month or one topic every month

2) What – Being an absolute Professional

How – By practising the professional skills acquired in all activities that I am involving. Mainly on Performance Measurement

3) What – Make the Home Sweet Home

How – making home a place to live peacefully and happily

4) What – Live a meaningful Life

How – be useful to somebody who really deserves