Friday, January 12, 2007

Pongal releases

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In Tamil Nadu, Pongal is not just a time for colorful festivities across the state, but also a time when big movies release en masse. Pongal 2007 too is expected to be the same, with 5 films with big names releasing at the same time: Pokkiri (with Vijay and Asin), Aalwar (with Ajith and Asin), Guru (with Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Madhavan & Vidya Balan), Paruthiveeran (with Karthi and Priya Mani), Thaamirabharani (with Vishal and Banu) and Veerasamy (with T. Rajendran and Mumtaj).

Now, though, there is speculation on whether the biggest of these films - Pokkiri and Aalwar - will actually release this Friday (January 12), the traditional release day, or on Pongal day itself (January 14) or perhaps even later!

Pokkiri, for example, is expected to release on January 14. Mr. Mohan Natarajan, producer of Aalwar said that he will confirm the exact date of release by Thursday, January 11. Thaamirabharani, Paruthiveeran and Veerasamy too are expected to release anytime between the 12th and the 14th, but the exact dates have not been confirmed. Guru is said to be releasing as scheduled this Friday and will have a special charity screening courtesy the Shakti Foundation on Thursday, January 11.

Early or late, all of the above releases are nevertheless, much-awaited for. The thrill of a Vijay of Ajith film never wanes; Vishal and Jeevaa are the rising stars of today and of course, one can always look forward to some drama-filled scenes in a T.Rajendran film. Guru, of course, has created international news and everyone from Chennai to Seattle is waiting for Mani Ratnam's latest to wow the crowds.