Monday, January 29, 2007

Thamirabharani – Review

Family movie with same old – “மாமா பையன் அத்தை பொண்ணு” relation. The divided family reunited with sparkling fight sequences and sentimental talks. Hari(who was the director of Samy, Kovil) has given this film with all masalas.

Vishal is named as “கெட்டவன்” by his friends for his deeds. Prabhu, who is uncle of Vishal, separated from his wife – Nadhiya because of his sister – Rohini (Vishal’s mother). After long years, Vishal understands this and tries to join the family with some blood shed.

One of L.R. Eswari’s mariamman song has been converted into a ‘டப்பாங்குத்து’ love song in this. Some music director’s are crazy on remixes nowadays.

Things to expect: Bhanu good looking family character – who is daughter of Prabhu, Nadhiya pair. Manorama in grand mother on Prabhu side, vijayakumar in grand father on Nadhiya side characters.