Friday, February 16, 2007

BOMMARILLU – Telugu Movie

Prakashraj is MD of a construction company. He has 2 sons and 1 daughter. Elder son married. Younger one is Siddharth. Prakashraj is such a good father who takes care of all the needs of the family. Yes, ALL the needs – even which shirt his son need to wear. This becomes a big trouble for siddhu (that’s how heroine calls Siddharth).

As per father’s decision, siddhu forcibly got engaged with a girl. But siddhu doesn’t want to leave 2 things in life to anybody – one is his life partner another is the career. So he decides to find his girl. He sees Genelia, his college junior and love starts.

Twist happens when Prakashraj sees lovers together. After prakashraj permission, Siddharth brings Genelia to his home for a week. She mingles with everyone in the family and gets a spot in heart. Sea change happens in Prakashraj mind after some open talks within the family.

A very good film with nice lucid screenplay.