Saturday, February 17, 2007

Deepavali - Review

Billu ('Jayam' Ravi) - son of Mudaliyar (Vijayakumar) is a jolly guy with a gang. Mudaliyar is a big shot in his rayapuram area. A girl Sasi(Bhavana) who is visiting the neighbouring guy Settu(Hanifa) from Bangalore fall in love with the hero. But she is having a peculiar amnesia -i.e. she cannot remember that happened in last 3 years.

Sasi's father is an arrogant multi-millionaire separates the young pair. Sasi recovered from her disease and now forgot all the thing that happened with Billu. :-)

Then what more. Don't think you end up remembering the heart touching climax of 'Moundram Pirai'. This is different. Billu tries to recall all the things that happened between them. Though she could not remember anything - still she loves him for the sacrifice and wounds that he got because of her.

Almost in all the scene there is a heavy crowd in the screen. I don't know why. Also there is no work for the hero other than loving the heroine. Also, sometime people are talking normal language sometime in chennai tamil. Why so?

Songs are good. I made some of them to ringtones!

Atlast, Jayam Ravi proved - 'he can also act'