Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Wish

Whenever I come across a subject area, I used to have a feeling - why there is no book or material exists in simple terms in this particular subject area. There may exists some books. But I found them costly for a student who uses it for a semester or so. Even I thought of giving simplified version of all texts that I come across. But every effort goes to dust as my priority changes from time to time.

I still have some of the areas that I like to write book in it.

1) Project Management Knowledge Central -> I did my PMP some 4 years ago. I found everyone refers Rita's book. But it is costly around $80 at that time. Though I could manage to buy one, I don't think everyone who just like to refer(don't want to write exam) can buy it. So, I thought of releasing a low-cost, rich-content text on this topic.

2) Knowledge Management - Can it be a success? -> I got an idea to write a text on it when I come across this topic in discussions with my manager years ago. I referred lot of material regarding it, but still I don't find a solid piece where it tells how can I do it.

3) Data Warehousing & Application design -> This topic I chosen as I inspired by Ralph Kimball's methodology. This is just to say I also know something in DW and worked to some extent in it.

Hope I could write a text in any one of the topic before I close my eyes :-).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chennai 600028 - Review

Clearly says how youngsters in chennai are.

Good time pass. Cricket is the theme of the movie. So, who are already dejected with country's WC performance, will feel - why these guys are going behind cricket.

It is all about a losing local team going and winning flood light - tennis ball match. Some of the comedy really good.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

May be he has done all the scenes somewhere in his TV series, but seeing it in film make you laugh. There is a scene where he asks for lift, that one i laughed like anything :-)

Bean got a lucky draw to paris. He also got a video camera in the draw. In paris, because of him a guy misses the train. But his son already boarded into the train along with bean. The sequence of events which Bean executes to rejoin the child with his father is the story.

Worth watching in calm - happy situation.

Naan avan Illai - Review

This is a remake of old gemini movie. I haven't seen that movie. So I found this one interesting. How girls making decisions about their marriage? What they are looking for? How a guy utilizes their weaknesses to his favour? This movie tells all these.

One hero(jeevan) - 5 heroines (Malavika, Namita, Sneha and other 2). So, there are 5 songs with each girl and one song all together :-)

Jeevan proves he is not the guy who cheated all these girls in court but got killed by another girl, who is also cheated by him. Good time pass.

Unnale Unnale - Movie Review

This is a mild love story with lot of conversations and only conversations. Ear pleasing songs from Harris Jayaraj. Sada loves Vinay(debut). But Vinay is a kind of modern guy who flirt with girls. But his love with Sada was true. When sada started having doubt on the guy, pair is seperating.

They meet again in australia. There comes cute modern Thanisha(debut) - friend of sada, tries to come closer. But because of ego, it doesn't happens in the way expected. Tanisha started loving Vinay. Sada goes away from their life and Vinay & Tanisha marries.

It comprehensively analyzes - what is the problem with guys & girls. Because of lengthy conversations you may feel you are in a Pattimandram. It is ok to see once. But I saw 2 times :-) (Rating:3/5)

Friday, May 04, 2007

May 4th - Doom's Day


Anything can happen in life! I understood that on May 4th! But 12 years back. It changed my life.

On May 3rd: Engineering Network Theory lab practical exam. At 2 pm exam started. Once I picked up my question paper, mysterious thing slowly started happening to me. I could not hold the pen. My handwriting was worst ever. But I managed to complete the circuit diagram and theory portion. Started with connecting ICs & resistors in bread board. I could not screw the nuts in the board. I don't know what happens to me. But I felt something strange. Still I gone ahead and finished entire thing and came out around 4.30 pm.

In my way back to hostel I could not walk properly. I came with my friend. I had evening snacks and dinner with room mates. Still I could not understand what is happening to me.

Night I woke up for toilet, I walked by holding walls. I thought as I woke up from sleep, I was not able to walk. After that I slept.

May 4th: Morning 7.30. I managed to wake up and sit in the cot. When I tried to stand up I could not. My legs automatically folded and I sat down in the ground. Now, the mysterious thing fully affected me - I got affected with Gullian Barre Syndrome (GBS)

After that whatever happened was history.