Friday, May 04, 2007

May 4th - Doom's Day


Anything can happen in life! I understood that on May 4th! But 12 years back. It changed my life.

On May 3rd: Engineering Network Theory lab practical exam. At 2 pm exam started. Once I picked up my question paper, mysterious thing slowly started happening to me. I could not hold the pen. My handwriting was worst ever. But I managed to complete the circuit diagram and theory portion. Started with connecting ICs & resistors in bread board. I could not screw the nuts in the board. I don't know what happens to me. But I felt something strange. Still I gone ahead and finished entire thing and came out around 4.30 pm.

In my way back to hostel I could not walk properly. I came with my friend. I had evening snacks and dinner with room mates. Still I could not understand what is happening to me.

Night I woke up for toilet, I walked by holding walls. I thought as I woke up from sleep, I was not able to walk. After that I slept.

May 4th: Morning 7.30. I managed to wake up and sit in the cot. When I tried to stand up I could not. My legs automatically folded and I sat down in the ground. Now, the mysterious thing fully affected me - I got affected with Gullian Barre Syndrome (GBS)

After that whatever happened was history.