Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Wish

Whenever I come across a subject area, I used to have a feeling - why there is no book or material exists in simple terms in this particular subject area. There may exists some books. But I found them costly for a student who uses it for a semester or so. Even I thought of giving simplified version of all texts that I come across. But every effort goes to dust as my priority changes from time to time.

I still have some of the areas that I like to write book in it.

1) Project Management Knowledge Central -> I did my PMP some 4 years ago. I found everyone refers Rita's book. But it is costly around $80 at that time. Though I could manage to buy one, I don't think everyone who just like to refer(don't want to write exam) can buy it. So, I thought of releasing a low-cost, rich-content text on this topic.

2) Knowledge Management - Can it be a success? -> I got an idea to write a text on it when I come across this topic in discussions with my manager years ago. I referred lot of material regarding it, but still I don't find a solid piece where it tells how can I do it.

3) Data Warehousing & Application design -> This topic I chosen as I inspired by Ralph Kimball's methodology. This is just to say I also know something in DW and worked to some extent in it.

Hope I could write a text in any one of the topic before I close my eyes :-).