Saturday, May 12, 2007

Unnale Unnale - Movie Review

This is a mild love story with lot of conversations and only conversations. Ear pleasing songs from Harris Jayaraj. Sada loves Vinay(debut). But Vinay is a kind of modern guy who flirt with girls. But his love with Sada was true. When sada started having doubt on the guy, pair is seperating.

They meet again in australia. There comes cute modern Thanisha(debut) - friend of sada, tries to come closer. But because of ego, it doesn't happens in the way expected. Tanisha started loving Vinay. Sada goes away from their life and Vinay & Tanisha marries.

It comprehensively analyzes - what is the problem with guys & girls. Because of lengthy conversations you may feel you are in a Pattimandram. It is ok to see once. But I saw 2 times :-) (Rating:3/5)