Friday, October 12, 2007

Malaikottai - Review

Is it a action movie? or Is it a comedy movie? But whatever be the case it would be a hit movie for Vishal. It is just a "Uttalangadi" of all his earlier films.

Vishal is a vetti officer. Got into troubles in Pattukottai. So, he got condition bail for which he needs to sign Tiruchy Police Station in which his chithappa - Aashish Vidyarthi is Inspector. Here comes love - Priyamani - college girl - whom he love at first sight.

Priya creates problem when she tells the younger brother of villain is her lover. Unknowingly Vishal beats villain brother and put him in coma. Vishal is beating around 200 people in the last fight! (yawn..) Then comes villain & his comedy supporting actors. We are getting comedy in little overdose from villain :-)

Seperate comedy track of flash back love story between Urvashi (PC in Tiruchy Police station) & Aashish (Inspector in the same PS).

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