Saturday, November 24, 2007

Vel - Review

This is a double role film. Surya in village & town youth role.

Same old starting - Twins separated when they were traveling in train by one local thief. But twist from other usual films was - unattended baby taken care by village guy (who guess? yes it is Nassar).

Guy in town becomes Detective agency head - loves Asin but Asin likes to study so she rejects Surya without seeing his photo & asked him to give bad report about himself. After that truth comes out.

In village - there was in-born enmity between Surya(i.e. Nassar's family) & Kalabhavan mani family. Their total work is just fight & demolish other guys' property.

Both guys meet at one point of time. Then guess? Yes! very much correct! Both Surya's exchange their positions which leads to blood shed to some extent & there comes a happy ending as usual!

Movie goes in fast phase. Songs are not ok. Compared to other films(like Azhagiya Tamil magan) Vel stand a step ahead.

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