Monday, January 14, 2008

Kalluri - Review

Director decided on the climax of the movie and then did all the scripts. He ensured laughter in the begining and in equal intervals. After that he brings love, friendship into the story. Each character selection is perfectly fitting to village students role.


Around 10 students studied in the same village school coming together again in college. Out of which Muthu, a sports person, is our hero. Shobana, city brought up, who joins the college temporily initially and make her stay in the college permanent. Hello, wait, wait. Don't think this is usual poor village guy & rich city girl movie. There is no division in friends & no fight between them after interval. No masala stuff. Its different in flavour. One girl character named Kayal Vizhi was nicely plotted & it was done so well by the actress - I hate that character to the core!


At the end, Shobana, Kayal Vizhi and another girl lost their life when the bus they toured was set ablaze by some political miscreants(this resembles Dharmapuri bus burning incident).

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