Sunday, January 06, 2008

Run towards fear

Tell me one single thing that affects every individual's growth? Yes, It is 4-letter word called FEAR.


There is a saying in old ages - "Run towards fear, because peaceful life resides on the other side of the fear."  Also, "Fear kills a person everyday but actual death kills only once." is another saying about Fear.


FEAR as an acronym stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”. This false evidence can take many forms, but the thing is that it appears to be real. We find something to be frightening than it really is.


So don’t waste your time to fear losing. Instead, spend your time in identifying your biggest fears in life. These are the fears that hold you back the most.


The top fears of people are :

  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of success. This fear comes from our childhood. What would people think if we became too successful ? Fears are one’s shadows. Fears need to be brought from one’s sub-conscious to one’s consciousness.
  • Fear of rejection.
  • Most people do not feel good enough. Deep down they feel they are frauds. Most people who are arrogant are insecure. Truly humble people have worked through their insecurities.
  • Fear of not having enough. Happiness is an act of will. It comes from one’s inner life and not from the satisfaction of the senses. Happiness is an inside job.
  • Fear of loss. Of losing control. Of not being in control. Of being insignificant. Of not having made a difference. Of death.


Plan accordingly to attack these “untrue assumptions”. Without a plan, it is not possible to remove these fears.


And move towards these fears. You will discover that the closer you move towards that which you fear, the less scary those fears are. Sort of like the first time you stood up to the school bully and realized that he or she was not so tough when confronted. You were perceiving based on “false evidence”.


Moving towards fear in your daily life means doing that which you hate/detest/fear/loathe/don’t want to do, and doing that thing first, before all else. For me, that means going to shop at 8 pm on those dark dog barking nights. For you it might mean something else. However, the key to beating back our irrational and disabling fears is to run, not walk, towards them at every chance. By doing so, you will prove to yourself how silly those fears are in the first place, as they provide no inherent value in your life. They merely hold you back from reaching your true potential.


Here is a very good Podcast on Run towards fear by famous writer Robin Sharma. Worth hearing it.


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