Sunday, January 06, 2008

What you think is what you get...

In number of web page editor, you would have seen WYSIWYG. What is this WYSIWYG stands for? It is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get.

This would be right for editors. But in life your thinking process is the one which determines What you are and What you become. So I call it as What You Think Is What You Get (WYTIWYG).


Till date, the unique quality you show is called your characters or behaviors. It differs with time and context. Imagine this way. You are in exactly same situation ten days before and now - consider everything is same except the time, but your behavior wouldn't be the same in both the occasions. Why are you seeing the same item in two different ways? What made you to differ? It is your thinking process that made the difference.


Your thoughts have the power to curse or bless. They can lead you to plenty, abundance and surplus. The choice is yours. You can control your thinking. Your thinking controls your behavior. Your behavior controls your results.


If you think you are a strong guy then you will become strong guy.. if you think you are the weakest then you become weak.. ( words by Vivekandanda). Why to waste our time in thinking ourself as weak guy? Let us aim the higher side and think we are mighty enough to solve the challenges put in front of us.

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