Monday, February 11, 2008

Blood Brothers - A film where we can learn a lot


It is just 18 mins story. Siddharth is a well-settled guy with excellent career, pragnent wife & a 5 year old child. Change in his life occurs when he does blood test and comes to know he is a victim to HIV +ve. He runs away from home - settles with railway beggers. One day, during the fight with fellow beggers, he gets hurt - safeguarded by another doctor who finds that he is not HIV +. Siddhu comes back home. He wants to find the truth about his report. He finds another guy with the same name having HIV +ve. He searches for that guy - who is a coach of a local football team. When he tells the news, the coach already knew about that. Coach says that having HIV +ve is not the end of life - it is also similar to other diseases like diabetics, tuberclosis , blood pressure, etc & one can achieve a lot even after being identified as a victim.

Siddharth portrays exactly how an educated professional feels when he hears the news.

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