Saturday, February 02, 2008

Office Space - Movie

I was searching for Officespace movie for long time. But didn't get a copy of it when I visited CA. After a long time I found this movie in internet. I am planning to watch this over the weekend. One interesting thing is my favorite star Jennifer Aniston (Friends series Rachel girl) acted in this movie.


This post is updated on 02/05/2008.

Movie Review:


Office space excellently portrays a typical office in U.S. Our hero Peter who works as a Y2K programmer have eight bosses to find out his mistake in TPS reports :-) He gets frustrated by the unhealthy - mechanical work style.


His organization plans to layoff workers. As the consultants get good impression about Peter (for the truth about his work style) they promote him. Two of his other friends got laid off. All three want to make big money. They introduce a virus in office network which deposits cents in their account by rounding-off of the customer's billed amount. Since it is very little money, nobody will notice this - this is their idea. But as usual due to some mistake in the program, it credits more than 300 thousand dollar in a day. All of them understood that they are in big trouble. Peter wants to comeout of this big problem. He sends the collected money to VP. But Milton, a trouble employee, gets the amount and sets the office to fire.


If you are a software engineer and working in US, you will surely find each scene occurs in your day to day life. VP, Milton, Peter, Samir, Michel Bolton, Leena every one did their role with perfection. Not much hope for my heroine Jennifer Aniston :-(

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