Friday, February 29, 2008

Start a long term goal today...

I want to share one real-time incident my trainer told me when I attended a training program few years back on motivational skill.

"In an organization, they were conducting fresh graduates recruitment drive. The trainer was one among representing the organization. As the turnout was huge, they conducted first level of written test. Only a handful of candidates got into second level -which was a Group discussion.

In Group Discussion candidates were asked to group themselves and talk for or against a given topic. The topic given is - "Current political scenario works for the common man". One candidate reacted to the group discussion and started arguing.

Candidate asked the trainer - "For which position are you recruiting us?"

Trainer politely told - "For junior java programmers role"

Candidate told - "So, we are just junior programmers. we are going to work in computer with the java compiler. If you ask each one of us on coding & working knowledge on computer then that would be somewhat relevant. How do you think group discussion is important for us?"

Trainer told to the entire group of candidates - "If anyone thinks that they are going to be just programmers for the whole life, then please leave this place. We are only recruiting future aspiring CEOs, CIO and Managers and not just programmers."

Then that candidate ashamed for his argument with the trainer and continued participation in the group discussion."

This story reveals the mind of present youngsters and the statement indirectly shows the broad career vision of the trainer. Even some of us thinks in the same way as the candidate whenever a meeting is arranged with managers or other groups. Remove the barrier and get into long term goal.