Thursday, February 21, 2008

What am I doing?

I am writing blog for more than an year in Even some of the topics are copy-paste from the articles which I read, I do it very sincerely to the level of my satisfaction. My attraction to do blogging grows day by day. Past few days, I was trying out blog using

I have passion towards Leadership and Project Management. I am learning about Leadership, Project Management, Strategy and like to make most out of it. I am practicing Project Management for past few years.

One of my lifetime goal is - I want to contribute to Project Management community - by finding new method of managing projects and people. Areas of interest now is Communication, Risk management, Strategy.

In order to fulfill part of my wish, I created new blog for Leadership and Project Management called Leadership Champions

Though both and Wordpress are having same functionality but they are having different set of features and they need to be rated differently.