Friday, February 22, 2008

What does a Project Manager do in cooking?

Here is the lighter side of my Project Management.

Last week, I had an interesting discussion with my wife. During the discussion, she challenged me on my cooking abilities.

I told her "Today I am going to show my cooking skills to you".

As a Project Manager what do I do now?

I am good in Project Management and not with cooking! Now, I thought why can't I use project management skill in cooking?

I took a paper and pen and started my "Project Ratatouille" :-)

Listed all the project objectives - Cooking delicious food for lunch

Listed all project requirements - vegetables, oils, cereals, etc.

Listed all project activities, their dependencies and duration - buying vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking food, arranging dining table, washing vessels, etc.

Listed all project cost estimates - for buying vegetables, cereals, oil, etc.

I did a bit of Risk management too - Listed alternatives in case of the expected items not available - and thought of what if scenarios - what if cooking gas gets over?

I started my project around 10.30 am. While I was cooking, I sent my neighbor's kid to buy certain spices from the near by shop(which I forgot to buy during my visit) and i gave him chocolates in order to appreciate him - a bit of fast tracking, HR management.

At last around 1 pm, I finished my project. The end result was an 'Excellent' grade in cooking from my wife.

Thanks to Project Management!