Monday, March 17, 2008

Collect, categorize and relate

Yesterday, my friend took me to mall in his Maruthi ALTO Car. I was sitting in the front seat and he was driving. He had a year long dream of buying that car.

After we hit the main road, he pointed me the car that crossed our vehicle and told 'See that guy is also driving an ALTO'. When we stopped for the traffic signal he showed the ad board & told 'see even in the ad they showed my car color only'.

Once we entered into the parking lot of the mall, he started analyzing the cars that were parked. He raised his voice whenever we crossed an ALTO car on the way before we find our parking lot.

When I analyze my friend's behavior now, I found this is the basic one exists within everyone of us. Yeah. My friend notices all car & ads that pass by because he pays attention - a conscious attempt to gather information - now only. This is the basic function of the brain - collect, categorize and relate things of same sort. Not only the visuals, we also have all our 5 sensory organs(nose, skin, tongue, eye, ears) provides information to brain, and the same set of activity(collect, categorize and relate) performed by brain.

With conscious effort on Collect - Categorize - Relate activities one can perform better in every learning attempt and get easy success.