Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Learned to walk....

Do you remember how you learned walking in childhood?

Not much? Feebly?

Have you learned walking after you became a grown adult?

No. Right?

But I did.

I got affected by Guillain Barre Syndrome which made me immovable at the age of 17. I was on bed for 3 months. After removal of ventilator, doctors took lot of effort first to make me stand on my own leg :-)

After few days, with enormous physical support, they started teaching me how to walk. I was scared of standing up on my own as I thought that I may fall. I was afraid of bruises and further complication by standing up.

Every day my mom, brothers & sister helped me in doing my activities. Frustration, anger and pain on everyone's mind built pressure on me. I thought that I had to do my essential activities without someone help as soon as possible.

My brother & one other guy(name:Kali), helped me to walk - I put my hands around their shoulders and they almost carried my entire weight. Just few steps make me tired and I used to sit on a chair. Then walk few more steps. After few days, I started walking on my own with a walker.

Initially, while walking with walker I fell often. I started analyzing my walking style. I found I fell down because I didn't keep my steps firmly. Even I took time to walk, I started ensuring firm steps while walking. Sometimes, my knees folded as I didn't have control. On every forward move, I concentrated both firm placement of foot and control of knee folding.

Slowly, my walking style became consistent. I felt very happy day by day. I learned a new stuff. Yes, I learned how to walk. I was able to walk independently(with a walker but without anyone's attention). Now, I am walking without any support.

It was amazing experience to learn walking at the age of 17. Now after narrating my experience, I understood how human learning cycle works.

Have an experience
- Observe & analyze the experience - Generalize the result of experience & take necessary action to increase positive outcome

I found this is same across all learning activity I involved till date. Hope you also agree with this.