Friday, June 27, 2008

21 - Movie Review

I visited Las Vegas in 2004. I saw lot of people spending their day & night in front of machines/cards/dice. I wondered how much money everyday each casino earns? How many of those playing really win? It is all just gambling! But I never thought there could be something like card counting that can fetch millions of dollars.

This movie is about counting and signaling in blackjack card game. Counting is mathematical approach on the probability of getting a card next. 5 MIT students joined together as a secret group working under Mathematical Professor Mickey Rosa. In the group, Ben Campbell was a brilliant student but not having enough money to fulfill his Harvard Medical study dream. He wanted to earn money for tuition fees through blackjack. But got more interested towards money, LV lifestyle & his girlfriend. Because of this he crossed limits of the group and get into the hands of casino security enforcers & also ousted from the team. Security guy asked Ben to bring the maths professor to set him free with all the money he earns.

How Ben handled the situation? Was Ben got all the money he needed for the study? See it in the Silver Screens.

Excellent movie.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Definitely, Maybe - Review

I picked up this movie by seeing its makers. I loved their earlier films (notting hill & love actually). A divorced single-father (who is a political consultant by profession) describes his love story to his 11 Year old daughter. It is a 3 girl - 1 guy love story.

Dad started telling the story with a suspense to his daughter to find his mother in the story. In every pause - little girl eliminates the probable. Emily - Summer - April are the name of the characters. At the end she finds her mother(Emily). Story ends happily when the girl joins the hero with one of his lover April.

Definitely Good Movie. May be you like it.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Bank Job - Review

All of us would have seen one or the other movie on bank robbery. Till date bank robbery is a hot theme in cinemas. This movie has all the necessary spices for the bank robbery. This film comes with a tag stating - "Its a True Story".

Few photographs of royal family got into hands of some miscreant. He kept in the safety boxes of a bank. Police wanted grab those photos with the help of bank robbers. Ground work for the theft happens for few days & robbery happens. But those big villains who lost their safety boxes finds those thieves to get their boxes back. Few robbers get killed. But at last one of the robber plays nicely between villains & police to get rid of all the problem.

Very good portrayal of incidents. Flow of movie is good.

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Be Kind Rewind - Review

It is a good comedy movie. If you want to get out of all day to day worries for sometime then you go ahead and see this movie.

Story is this - One guy want to do sabotage on a power plant but his head got magnetized. He spoiled all VHS cassettes in his friend's video shop. After that both hero & his friend started creating all old videos in their own way. These videos became hit in that area and grow as celebrities. Enjoy the movie.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kung Fu Panda - Movie review

I found Kung Fu Panda stood first in the box-office only after I saw the film. It is a very good movie and you can spend just more than an hour without any worries. "Good learnings are there" - is the immediate feeling I had as soon as I finished watching the movie.

A lazy panda wants to see dragon warrior contest, but got announced as dragon warrior for the group due to circumstances. After that it learns Kung Fu from the master and kills the old contestant for the position.

Here is the learning part. First is 'Believe others & You'. Second 'Nothing special in anyone & it is possible even for YOU'. When the tortoise guru announced panda as the dragon warrior no one believe he could do the job. But tortoise tells one word to the Kung Fu guru - 'believe'. Also the secret message kept in dragon mouth does not have any words but have a mirror showing the face of panda - that is the secret. Finally, when panda talks to its father, he tells - though he sold soup with 'special soup' but nothing special added in it & it is the normal soup sold with the 'special' word.

Good time pass. I loved it.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dasavatharam - Review

Yeah. I saw this film today. This is the second film I saw on the opening day itself. Kamal did an excellent job. When you see the film you don't feel all the character is done by the same guy. He showed noticeable variation which makes you think they are different people. One telugu police guy role(good hilarious one), old lady role, social activist role, george bush role are ultimately portrayed.

Ok. Here is the story. It is about a scientist who wants to save the world from the effects of biological weapon. But all of them have a connection with issue between devotees of God Shiva & God Vishnu. But it is just used as pickle in the story. Story moves from US building & streets to Chidambaram streets and it is running in possible vehicles - Car, Helicaptor, Airplane, Train, Lorry, etc.

Asin is the heroine, but do you believe there is no duet song? But Asin comes throughout the movie. Villain is also Kamal in Ex-CIA Fletcher role (talks only english) who appointed to bring the virus weapon box.

How come Kamal missed Nassar?

Full of action - less of comedy. But a good attempt. You can watch.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A smart model to beat the oil prices. Is it possible?

I like to present 2 news items here.

The biggest gainer, though, is arguably BCCI - which is projected to rake in a profit of Rs 350 crore from IPL in the first year itself. This would be more than BCCI's profit of Rs 235 crore for all of 2007. In all, IPL will bring revenue of Rs 1,200 crore a year into cricket, more than double the government's entire sports budget of Rs 490 crore. --- Times of India dt:30 May 2008

In Tamil Nadu, self-managed private engineering colleges earned Rs. 240.62 Cr in a year from their students. -
Ramadoss on private college Fees hike.

What we understand from above news? Money is abundant. With the money that is collected as part of something else can be diverted to solve different problem i.e. like oil price hike. As we all do, government can take control of one department's profit and to use it for other ailing department for the betterment of the whole country.

But is it possible? Who is ready to bell the cat?

Soaring oil price affects middle-class badly

Recently government has increased petrol, diesel & LPG prices. That has direct & indirect impact on all item prices. Those having 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers for their travel has to shed more amount from their pocket. Also, vegetables, grocery, food items, and almost everything is going to have price increase which indirectly affects everyone.

Are you a frequent hotel visitor? You need to think twice before taking your family to hotel. Food item prices is going to go high. Increase in salary happens only once every year, that too it is not confirmed increase. But the oil price & other item increase happens at least 5-8 times every year :-(

If the status of middle-class itself is like this then thinking about those below poverty line? Oh-no!