Friday, June 27, 2008

21 - Movie Review

I visited Las Vegas in 2004. I saw lot of people spending their day & night in front of machines/cards/dice. I wondered how much money everyday each casino earns? How many of those playing really win? It is all just gambling! But I never thought there could be something like card counting that can fetch millions of dollars.

This movie is about counting and signaling in blackjack card game. Counting is mathematical approach on the probability of getting a card next. 5 MIT students joined together as a secret group working under Mathematical Professor Mickey Rosa. In the group, Ben Campbell was a brilliant student but not having enough money to fulfill his Harvard Medical study dream. He wanted to earn money for tuition fees through blackjack. But got more interested towards money, LV lifestyle & his girlfriend. Because of this he crossed limits of the group and get into the hands of casino security enforcers & also ousted from the team. Security guy asked Ben to bring the maths professor to set him free with all the money he earns.

How Ben handled the situation? Was Ben got all the money he needed for the study? See it in the Silver Screens.

Excellent movie.

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