Friday, June 13, 2008

Dasavatharam - Review

Yeah. I saw this film today. This is the second film I saw on the opening day itself. Kamal did an excellent job. When you see the film you don't feel all the character is done by the same guy. He showed noticeable variation which makes you think they are different people. One telugu police guy role(good hilarious one), old lady role, social activist role, george bush role are ultimately portrayed.

Ok. Here is the story. It is about a scientist who wants to save the world from the effects of biological weapon. But all of them have a connection with issue between devotees of God Shiva & God Vishnu. But it is just used as pickle in the story. Story moves from US building & streets to Chidambaram streets and it is running in possible vehicles - Car, Helicaptor, Airplane, Train, Lorry, etc.

Asin is the heroine, but do you believe there is no duet song? But Asin comes throughout the movie. Villain is also Kamal in Ex-CIA Fletcher role (talks only english) who appointed to bring the virus weapon box.

How come Kamal missed Nassar?

Full of action - less of comedy. But a good attempt. You can watch.