Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kung Fu Panda - Movie review

I found Kung Fu Panda stood first in the box-office only after I saw the film. It is a very good movie and you can spend just more than an hour without any worries. "Good learnings are there" - is the immediate feeling I had as soon as I finished watching the movie.

A lazy panda wants to see dragon warrior contest, but got announced as dragon warrior for the group due to circumstances. After that it learns Kung Fu from the master and kills the old contestant for the position.

Here is the learning part. First is 'Believe others & You'. Second 'Nothing special in anyone & it is possible even for YOU'. When the tortoise guru announced panda as the dragon warrior no one believe he could do the job. But tortoise tells one word to the Kung Fu guru - 'believe'. Also the secret message kept in dragon mouth does not have any words but have a mirror showing the face of panda - that is the secret. Finally, when panda talks to its father, he tells - though he sold soup with 'special soup' but nothing special added in it & it is the normal soup sold with the 'special' word.

Good time pass. I loved it.

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