Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ayutham Seivom - Review

First thing first: It is normal masala movie. It used Gandhigiri as pickle. But message is good and strong.

Sundar C is a small street rowdy - Saidai Sathya. Lawyer Udyamoorthy (Vijayakumar) finds sathya blocking the way by sleeping in a car center of a road. Vivek, a traffic constable & friend of sathya, supports sathya in the incident. So, udayamoorthy put a petite court case in which satya & Vivek gets verdict to stay in Gandhi Museum 15 days term. Though it doesn't change them completely but they gets introduced to Gandhi principles.

Sathya does small rowdism with udayakumar in order to get a 'confidential' file for ex-minister VRB (Manivannan). Unfortunately, udyakumar dies in the incident. But udayakumar's death (and his final words Vazhgha Valamudan!) makes sleepless nights to sathya. Sathya wants to complete udyakumar's last wish of handing over the confidential file to police. It goes waste when VRB guys burns the file.

Now sathya follows ahimsa way to make VRB surrender on his own. Heroine Anjali is used just for few love sequence. All songs are Kuttu songs and music nothing new.

Masala Movie with good message only in the ending. Vazhgha Valamudan!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Subramaniapuram - Review

Main theme: 1980's, Unemployed youth, Loyalty, Friendship, Love

In 1980, three friends Azhagar, Paraman and Kasi were unemployed youth in the village. All three were loyal to local ex-councilor, let me call Somu(I don't remember exact name!). Azhagar was in love with Somu's daughter. These guys were used to perform a murder by Somu as he likes to become political party's district chief.

When Azhagar & Paraman was on jail, councilor didn't help them to come out but one guy(Say Guna) inside jail helped them to get bail. These guys wanted to kill Somu for the betrayal. But again they had to perform murder for Guna. Meanwhile all attempts to murder Somu failed. Somu's daughter(who was lover of Azhagar) helped her father's group in killing Azhagar by calling him to lonely place.

In return, Paraman kills Somu's brother. Here it is bit gory as the scene shows cutting of the neck somewhat directly. But Kasi showed Paraman's hideout place for money. This continues for years. After 28 years (in 2008) film ends by showing Kasi's friend kills Kasi in hospital as he murdered someone in Somu's family. One or the other guy would be loyal to those having money. Friendship & love will not stand infront of money.

First, I see the excellent work done by the director and the main characters. Entire story flows towards the end so nicely. Jai, Sasikumar, Swamy, Kanja Karuppu everyone did very good acting. I can say Kanja Karuppu comes all the frames and suited well in the role.

I remember few old actors of 1980's Chandrashekar, Pandiyan, Shanti Krishna in these guys. Even T.Rajendar's character's was like this in those days.

No matter whether it reaches all audiance or not, I give 5 Star (*****)

Sorry for my poor memory. I forgot few character names.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay - Review

This is funny movie. This is second part of Harold & Kumar series. Harold (a Korean guy) and Kumar (an Indian guy) are friends. They planned visiting Amsterdam to meet Harold's girl friend. But Kumar did the mistake of taking weed with some instrument and they suspected doing some terroist activity. Both of them sent to Guantanamo Bay jail. Then what? Escape from Jail. In the way they got into different troubles. Even meeting Bush happens in the movie who helped Kumar to meet his girl friend :-) More Adult comedy is there in the movie.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Drillbit Taylor - Review

A former soldier(Owen Wilson) turned begger recruited by three high school kids to protect them from two senior students. As Owen needs money to move to Canada, he cheats these kids in the name of protection. After funnier activities, Owen understands his mistake and tries to help the kids.

This is not a kids film. This is not a action film. This is somewhat comedy film. But not that much funnier as I expected.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

WALL-E Review

How the world look like in 2350AD?
-- No water. Full of garbage mountains. All plants dies. There will be no human life in earth.

What could be the possible measure human will do to save their species?
-- Human will find new avenues to save their species like space station with things that are necessary for human life or finding new planet with amenities. They will leave the world as it is. But they may like to come back to earth & they keep on investigate possibility of earth for living by sending some robots (like we send Rover to Mars)

Here is the story:

As year goes, human population reduces to few number, almost all mechanical work would be executed by Robots. In 2050, WALL-E is the organization which does the garbage collection using robots. When human race moves out of earth to a space station, they forgot to switch off one robot. After doing service for 300 years in 2350 AD, it finds another robot EVE coming from space station to earth for investigate about living organism. During the interaction WALL-E falls in love with EVE. EVE finds one small planet. WALL-E goes along with EVE to the space station. After that full of comical fun. Humans in space station comes back to earth after EVE handed over that plant sample to them.

I liked the excellent portrayal of love between Robots.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Truth about Organization Leaders

Research on leadership indicates that 50-75% of organizations are
currently managed by people sorely lacking in leadership competence
[1]. They are hired or promoted based on technical competence, business
knowledge and politics - not on leadership skill. Such managers often
manage by crisis, are poor communicators, are insensitive to moral issues,
are mistrustful, over-controlling and micro-managing, fail to follow
through on commitments they've made and are easily excitable and explosive.
The result is low morale, alienated employees, and costly attrition.
Since the best business outcomes are achieved by satisfied employees, any profession can only gain by an increasing focus on the development
of managers' leadership competencies.

From 20 WAYS TO BECOME A LEADER by Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D.


1. Hogan, Robert (2003) "Leadership in Organizations."
Paper presented at The Second International
Positive Psychology Summit, Washington, D.C

Wallace and Gromit Cartoon Movies

This is an excellent piece of work. You don't think you are watching a cartoon movie. I saw 2 movies in series.
1. Wallace and Gromit - A Grand Day Out(IMDb Link) &
2. Wallace and Gromit - The Wrong Trousers(IMDb Link)

First one was just 23 minutes. But real fun. Both Wallace & his dog friend Gormit planned to go to cheese planet for vacation. There was a robot which finds them & great laughs after that.

Second one is 30 minutes long. This has all spices for a action thriller movie. Stealing diamond, robo trousers, spoiled friendship, gormit detecting the plot, train chase(see it in the below office site).

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