Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ayutham Seivom - Review

First thing first: It is normal masala movie. It used Gandhigiri as pickle. But message is good and strong.

Sundar C is a small street rowdy - Saidai Sathya. Lawyer Udyamoorthy (Vijayakumar) finds sathya blocking the way by sleeping in a car center of a road. Vivek, a traffic constable & friend of sathya, supports sathya in the incident. So, udayamoorthy put a petite court case in which satya & Vivek gets verdict to stay in Gandhi Museum 15 days term. Though it doesn't change them completely but they gets introduced to Gandhi principles.

Sathya does small rowdism with udayakumar in order to get a 'confidential' file for ex-minister VRB (Manivannan). Unfortunately, udyakumar dies in the incident. But udayakumar's death (and his final words Vazhgha Valamudan!) makes sleepless nights to sathya. Sathya wants to complete udyakumar's last wish of handing over the confidential file to police. It goes waste when VRB guys burns the file.

Now sathya follows ahimsa way to make VRB surrender on his own. Heroine Anjali is used just for few love sequence. All songs are Kuttu songs and music nothing new.

Masala Movie with good message only in the ending. Vazhgha Valamudan!