Sunday, July 27, 2008

Subramaniapuram - Review

Main theme: 1980's, Unemployed youth, Loyalty, Friendship, Love

In 1980, three friends Azhagar, Paraman and Kasi were unemployed youth in the village. All three were loyal to local ex-councilor, let me call Somu(I don't remember exact name!). Azhagar was in love with Somu's daughter. These guys were used to perform a murder by Somu as he likes to become political party's district chief.

When Azhagar & Paraman was on jail, councilor didn't help them to come out but one guy(Say Guna) inside jail helped them to get bail. These guys wanted to kill Somu for the betrayal. But again they had to perform murder for Guna. Meanwhile all attempts to murder Somu failed. Somu's daughter(who was lover of Azhagar) helped her father's group in killing Azhagar by calling him to lonely place.

In return, Paraman kills Somu's brother. Here it is bit gory as the scene shows cutting of the neck somewhat directly. But Kasi showed Paraman's hideout place for money. This continues for years. After 28 years (in 2008) film ends by showing Kasi's friend kills Kasi in hospital as he murdered someone in Somu's family. One or the other guy would be loyal to those having money. Friendship & love will not stand infront of money.

First, I see the excellent work done by the director and the main characters. Entire story flows towards the end so nicely. Jai, Sasikumar, Swamy, Kanja Karuppu everyone did very good acting. I can say Kanja Karuppu comes all the frames and suited well in the role.

I remember few old actors of 1980's Chandrashekar, Pandiyan, Shanti Krishna in these guys. Even T.Rajendar's character's was like this in those days.

No matter whether it reaches all audiance or not, I give 5 Star (*****)

Sorry for my poor memory. I forgot few character names.