Sunday, July 06, 2008

Truth about Organization Leaders

Research on leadership indicates that 50-75% of organizations are
currently managed by people sorely lacking in leadership competence
[1]. They are hired or promoted based on technical competence, business
knowledge and politics - not on leadership skill. Such managers often
manage by crisis, are poor communicators, are insensitive to moral issues,
are mistrustful, over-controlling and micro-managing, fail to follow
through on commitments they've made and are easily excitable and explosive.
The result is low morale, alienated employees, and costly attrition.
Since the best business outcomes are achieved by satisfied employees, any profession can only gain by an increasing focus on the development
of managers' leadership competencies.

From 20 WAYS TO BECOME A LEADER by Ellen Ostrow, Ph.D.


1. Hogan, Robert (2003) "Leadership in Organizations."
Paper presented at The Second International
Positive Psychology Summit, Washington, D.C

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