Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dhaam Dhoom - Moview Review

If you like action packed film, then you like Dhaam Dhoom. But the story is thin line. Jayam Ravi is a doctor - travels to moscow for a doctors conference just 15 days before his marriage.

Suspense starts as soon as he enters Moscow airport. He sees one Russian model girl leaving her leather jacket with him. After sometime she picks it up. Then one day, they dances in the bar after which she get killed in Jayam Ravi's room. Ravi prosecuted in Russian court and all evidence goes against him. Jayaram (Indian Embassy official) & Lakshmi Roy (An advocate) comes in rescue for Ravi. But event turns worse when somebody tries to kill Ravi. Ravi escapes & finds who is the villain.

Heroine is utter waste. Even some of the village scenes are not interesting. If you only Mascow portion alone, it is fast paced - well knitted one. But getting diluted when love & songs are introduced. They could have shown Mascow's beauty still further (may be budget problem?)

Though a Jayam Ravi is doctor but he does not do anything related to it other than 2 scenes regarding that. Background music is thrilling in chasing scenes. 2 songs are very good. Others are just to fill time.

You can give a try. Rating: 2.8* (Out of 5*)

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review

This is 3rd movie in the series. So, story is predictable. This time location is China. Emperor is Jet Li. Not much marshal arts. But he did his work perfectly. Nothing special in story. One king bring entire world under his control. He wants to attain immortality to rule the world forever. For that he seeks help from one lady witch. But she curses the king as he killed her lover (who was also his General).

Witch gives birth to a girl child & both of them lives for years. After hundreds of years, king comes alive to kill the witch. Researchers along with witch demolishes kings wish.

Rating : 2.5* (out of 5*)

Batman - Dark Knight Review

When I saw the reviews in IMDb about this movie - I wondered how it can be better than God Father. So I decided to watch this movie. I agree with them. Really really a superb movie! Heath Ledger has given life to 'The Joker'. As usual this is not Batman's film. It is the villain - 'The Joker' film.

I hope Heath will surely get Oscars (but it is posthumous one now!).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movies I watched

In the last 15 days, I saw quite a number of movies. Only few of them are remembered.

1. Lost In Translation - Excellent slow moving movie. I enjoyed watching it. I can call it as 'romantic'.

2. Untraceable - After seeing this, I felt why I saw this movie.

3. Taken - Excellent fast paced movie. Though its story is same as any human trafficking film but with a difference.

4. Hancock - I always like super-hero movies. This is something like The Incredibles. Will Smith did very good job.

5. Batman - This is the first part of the Batman films. Instead of telling it is Batman Movie, I say it is character 'The Joker'(Jack Nicholson) movie. Jack did excellent job.

I have a list to finish - Batman-Dark Knight, Cloverfield, Hellboy II, Wanted, Journey to the center of earth, Transsiberian, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Fear and Loathing in LV, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Street Kings.......................and on and on....