Sunday, September 28, 2008

GConnect - a community website for officers of Govt. of India

Are you a Indian Government Employee? Want to discuss any of you issue?

I found a site - GConnect - a community website for officers of Govt. of India, has good information on various topics from different states of India & also different departments. Current hot topic is the Sixth Pay Commission Revision especially the Arrears Calculator.

It tries to build a platform for Govt Employees to bring out their concerns all over India. It has lot of features - A Discussion Forum, Blog, Groups, Post Office, Services.

For more information: or

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dhanam - Movie Review

Dhanam - I don't know what director like to convey to the movie watching community through this film?

Though Sangeetha did an excellent job as dhanam, there is nothing new or great in the story. It is like Arengetram Movie in different version.

Dhanam is a sex worker who spends collected money for her neighbours & friends. An orthodox brahmin guy marries her based on astrology. But luck of dhanam turned out to be misfortune after her childbirth. As whole family involved in killing the child, dhanam kills the whole family in a supper. What a pity.. Case dropped against Dhanam & she become sex worker again. :-(

Bernard - Really funny bear cartoon

I am not aware that there is a cartoon series with a funny bear - Bernard. When I saw the few episodes I really enjoyed. It is absolute hilarious. Following links give you some idea on what I am talking about:

Official Website:
Veoh Network - Bernard Channel :

Monday, September 15, 2008

Groundhog Day - Movie Review

After a long time, I saw an excellent movie. Though it is a old one (1993), it is hilarious even today. I checked IMDb. It is 174 of Top #250.

A weather reporter guy, like every year he visits a place in Pennsylvania, this year also for Groundhog Day (Feb 2nd). But that day repeats again and again. He sees the same people - same events - same activity around him. Initially he frustrated. After that he uses the situation for his good. Excellent narration does not make anyone bored when same events repeat.

Worth watching.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Horton Hears a Who! - Movie Review

Hilarious - Animated - Ends with a message! If you have rented this video for your kid, I seriously doubt whether they understand the story.

A big elephant (Horton) tries to protect microscopic community. We see 2 world. In world, Horton takes all pain carrying & explaining about a world inside speck. Another in Whoville (inside speck), group of people living inside under mayor's governance. The Mayor of Whoville talks to Horton, and the Mayor can not believe that there is something bigger than his world. At last everyone along with Horton helps to keep the speck in safe place. I found the message is same of a Thirukural (written 2000 Years back)

"After all, a person is a person, no matter how small."

Senior Skip Day - Movie Review

Comedy film(almost comedy is based on sex). But boring in certain places as we know what is going to happen next. Not a good one.

IMDb Link:

Jayam Kondan - Movie Review

This is Vinay's(Unnale Unnale hero) second venture in Tamil. In this movie he showed variation from his "Chocolate Boy" image. Story flow is very good (I found Dham Dhoom had story in bits & pieces).

After his father's demise, Vinay resigns his UK job comes back to chennai to start a own business. He found his father had second wife & a college going daughter. He gets into family issue when he knew his father spent entire his money in buying a house in Madurai. Vinay wants to recover money for business by selling it. But his sister also wants to sell to get money for her higher studies.

He stays in Madurai for selling the property - there fall in love with Bhavana (tenent in his house). Turn of events make Vinay enemy to Madurai 'Dada' Masi. At the end everything get over with big fight.

Simple story. Events are sequenced properly so no confusion. Everyone did their part correctly. Only one song is hearable. My Rating: 3*(out of 5*)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Blue Elephant - Movie Review

The Blue Elephant is a cartoon movie with baby blue elephant as hero. It has usual stuff of other cartoon films like Finding Nemo, The Lion King, etc. Here child elephant in search of its father who was once royal elephant for the country.

After hearing story of his mysteriously disappeared father, the baby elephant moves to country where he caught by elephant trainer. Our hero gets into "Royal Elephant selection contest" and become Royal Elephant to the king. After knowing his father death in a war by opponent king's elephant, he takes revenge to kill him in the current war. He accomplishes the task and marries his lover elephant :-)

You can watch once at your leisure.