Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jayam Kondan - Movie Review

This is Vinay's(Unnale Unnale hero) second venture in Tamil. In this movie he showed variation from his "Chocolate Boy" image. Story flow is very good (I found Dham Dhoom had story in bits & pieces).

After his father's demise, Vinay resigns his UK job comes back to chennai to start a own business. He found his father had second wife & a college going daughter. He gets into family issue when he knew his father spent entire his money in buying a house in Madurai. Vinay wants to recover money for business by selling it. But his sister also wants to sell to get money for her higher studies.

He stays in Madurai for selling the property - there fall in love with Bhavana (tenent in his house). Turn of events make Vinay enemy to Madurai 'Dada' Masi. At the end everything get over with big fight.

Simple story. Events are sequenced properly so no confusion. Everyone did their part correctly. Only one song is hearable. My Rating: 3*(out of 5*)