Friday, October 17, 2008

Few Movie Reviews

As I saw number of movies in the last few weeks, I could not write individual reviews on each. Let me consolidate and write reviews on those movies.

1. Saroja -- Excellent thriller with young heros. Film is witty in number of places. A group of friends goes to Hyderabad to see cricket match but got into trouble when they save a kidnapped girl. But the ending is same as Dhaam Dhoom (even the actor is same).

2. Raman Thediya Seethai -- One Line Story - Belive some girl is there for you! Cheran did his piece nicely. Movie is bit deviating fully from hero in number of places to other characters. But it helped in making the hero to be comfortable on his bride search. In the end, hero gets his girl. Good movie for middle-aged guys who is waiting for loooooooog to get married.

3. Harold and Kumar - Go To White Castle -- This is the first part of Harold and Kumar. I reviewed part 2 in one of the earlier post. This one is equally comical to part 2. Nice to watch to get relax.

4. A Wednesday! -- Excellent Movie. You have to watch it if possible. Don't think it is going to eat you time. This film is just 45 minutes of action and conversation. This gives common man's reaction to terrorism. Narration of story & conversation are done perfect. Nashruddin Shah & Anupam Kher did great job in lead roles.