Thursday, December 18, 2008

My New Dell D630 Laptop

I got new Dell 630 Laptop from office. For long time I was using external DVD writer & Hard disk for making copies of my folders. It was so uncomfortable to keep all connected in single place. Even I lost number of DVD discs due to corruption while writing it. As data to write in DVD exist in external Hard disk connected through USB. I could achieve writing file only by copying necessary files into my laptop hard disk from external disk. My earlier laptop was just 20 GB hard disk.

Now I got D630 which satisfies my need of storage and writing with in-built DVD writer. It is pretty faster in writing a file. Now I could write 4.5GB using CDBurner XP around 10 mins time! RAM Size 2GB. My browsing really faster now with pages downloading within seconds. I am totally happy with the laptop. DELL Rocks!