Sunday, March 08, 2009

Gandhi's belongings for Sale

In the past few days, one of the headline was "Gandhi's belongings for sale". The auction happened in New York. Anyhow all the government effort gone waste & at last it was bought by Vijay Mallaiya - a business man whose main business is liquor manufacturing :-)

First of all I am happy that Gandhi's belongings are now with an Indian. I don't know what kind of negotiation happened between government and Otis (the auctioneer) but surely none of the politicians & even Gandhi seva organizations came forward to buy the items for that huge price. Do you think politicians are not having that much money to buy those items? Mallaiya bought for $1.8 mn. Important point is that we need money to buy. The one has money bought it. And it is an Indian. What else we need?

Still there would be little indigestion on this matter - Gandhi's items in the hands of liquor manufacturing business man. May be Mallaiya want to do his prayer to the nation by buying Gandhi's items.

First of all, how come Gandhi's belongings reached a guy in New York? Who sold it to Otis?

Why did Government not take any constructive action on the auction? Even at least they could have tried buying it in the auction.

During these days, one thing I noticed is we were keenly watching what is happening. Hope you all agree that, Gandhi still living in our hearts.

Gandhi Mahan Ki Je!


  1. Really nice... Everyone shld think abt this.... Gandhiji hated Liquor.. but now liquor loves Gandhiji ...;-)

  2. Really Nice. But where is time for politicians to look into each and everything..They are too busy in earning for their next generations....-:)