Sunday, April 19, 2009

Few Good Short Message Service (SMS) - Part 4

  • Life is 10% of what happened to you, and 90% of how you respond to it!!

  • A Person Dreaming

    Of An Ambition

    Without Effort,

    Is Much Similar

    To A Bird Flying

    With Wings


    No Legs To Land.

  • Strange But True -

    Say Good About Yourself & You will be called “Arrogant”

    Say Bad about Yourself & You will be “Believed”

  • The Trouble With Being

    Punctual Is

    That Nobody's There To Appreciate It.

  • Two Things Indicate WEAKNESS..

    One To Be Silent, When It Is the Proper Time To Speak..

    Second To Speak, When It Is the Proper Time To Be Silent.

  • Two Great Days In Human Life:

    1.The Day We Were Born &

    2.The Day We Prove Why We Have Born!

  • Life will be pleasant, if we are satisfied with what we have,

    But, will be more thrilling, if we make efforts to achieve what we desire.

  • Friendship is like the relation between hands & eyes,

    It is like when the hands get hurt, the eyes cry,

    & when the eyes cry the hands wipe its tears.

  • Being possessive doesn’t mean that the loved ones doubt u..

    They really don’t want others to use the sweetness of your character.

  • Life is not a CD Player, where we can enjoy our favorite songs,

    But, is like a Radio, where we have to learn to enjoy whatever comes…!

  • Wonderful lines in a Bus Stop in Japan:

    Only buses will wait here. Not your Time!

    So keep walking towards your goal!!

  • Keep all your troubles in your pocket,

    But, be sure that your pocket has a hole in it!

  • The minute you think of giving up…

    Think of the reason why you held it so long…!!


Credit goes to original compiler of these SMS message who posted this in a forum

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