Sunday, May 03, 2009

Crazy Mohan's "Chocolate Krishna" Drama

Absolute fun & comical. Last time, I saw theatre drama in my college days (around 10 years back). Story Gist: Krishna appears in front of his devotee and helps him come across all his life obstacles. All events are sequenced excellently well that no yawning required. Crazy does few magic which adds spice to the drama. Crazy Mohan is having good handle using same words to different contexts. I see lot of English words used & to understand all comedies some English knowledge required.



One point I really admire to Crazy Mohan is - in the drama interval, he felicitated his 3rd standard teacher Janaki. He also mentioned that to show his love and affection he kept Janaki as heroine name in all his dramas. Actor Ramesh arvind also present in the drama hall.

Though the name suggests it is meant for kids, but it is not. It is for all. Enjoy!

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