Sunday, August 09, 2009

How to be a Regular Book Reader? - Useful Tips

Are you regular book buyer? Do you like your books should be arranged well in the shelf? Then you may a book lover or collector but not regular book reader. As per the research, unless your books are not kept at a distance equal to your hand, they are rarely picked up & read. Generally, in home we are spending our maximum time of a day in living room (hall) and bed room. In office, we are spending in our work area - i.e. cabins. In case you like to develop book reading habit, follow these -

1. Keep the books in side table of hall sofa, side table of bed, on or near the computer table, etc.

2. Observe yourself, you will surely pickup those books when you are around. 

3. The book you are reading may be a philosophy book which needs more thought process for a single line in it. So keep in mind, reading even a single line from the book is ok.

4. Discuss about the book that you are going through with someone who takes your discussion positively. This will encourage you read the same book the next day.

5. The book you like to read again and again should be available for your reference always. So, keep them in your nearest reach.

6. People may say, your living room is untidy because of books, don't worry they are trying to beautify our home not seeing process of our mind beautification. Next time when you visit your friends house, you will see the same book you are reading will be lying in his living room floor :-)

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