Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two news items that affected this week

Two news items that affected the whole week of thought process.

1. One of the female athlete's victory ruined by suspicion over her gender. - Now-a-days, so often we find success is tagged with suspicion over the way it was achieved. Why so? Success is not having any defined formula. General meaning of success has changed over years and now it is termed as 'malpractice'. Even if success comes to your way by means of your dignified behaviors, it is not accepted by all. So, you will feel more bad on hearing the comments about your success than failing in it. Those officials who are raising an issue about the gender after winning a medal in record time, why didn't they do all tests before the running event? Isn't it more hurting taking the medal back after awarding it?

2. Two Police athletes who traveled to US are missing from US airports. - Unofficial news says, these policemen escaped to Canada for their betterment of career/life. But the reality is not known yet. Here again, first hand reports (from media) generally accuses those missing people instead of taking any measure to find them. What a pity!

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