Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Indian Media - Is it a Fault Finding Machine?

In recent past, lot of news item in the name of investigation journalism happens. Though some of them are good in creating general awareness BUT...... most of them are bad in spoiling the name (of country or state). Currently media digs all opposite party related activities during their rule to the public because of the internal politics in that party. Last week there is an issue about Pokhran test. One scientist revealed that the test was unsuccessful. Immediately they interviewed Abdul Kalam. He denied on the statement. Next day - media interviewed another person and he told Abdul Kalam has no authority to say about the results. Why media is trying to pull the legs of Abdul Kalam by interviewing some one. Basically, media wants hot news. Even there is no news also they will create one.

Talking about Pokhran now at this point of time is not required and absolute waste of time. If the atomic test is failure then Indian Atomic Research center has to take necessary action to improve on those. If it is a success we need to produce more successful event like that. May be this is internal and not to be discussed so publicly where other countries are watching us. Media should know their power in bringing a change. They need work more responsibly.

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