Sunday, November 29, 2009

4 Years in Blogging - A Flashback

I started blogging just like anyone in this world 4 years back - 2005 August. In my initial days, I pasted few good forward mails which I got in the blog. After sometime, my view on blogging changed and I considered the main purpose of blogging is sharing my own experiences. I started posting in regular phase from Dec 2006. Usually I blog on topics that come across or impacted me in variety of subjects. I posted nearly 25 film reviews, few stories, some politics, Project Management, Leadership, etc. I tried using Google Adsense 2 years back. But account got blocked. I re-enabled it only after 5 months. Till date it is around $30! I started exploring WordPress with my Leadership & Project Management Blog. I got a overwhelming response than what I expected in wordpress and started working on it full time & keeping this blogspot aside. I am happy for 2 things -

1. I made some of my friends to start their own blogs.

2. I am also able to do something for so long without any major break. Usually, enthusiasm at the start will subside later and will throw out activities. This happened lot of times with me especially daily physical exercise :-)

For those new bloggers, I have few simple advices(or rules) which they can follow:

1. Start small. It is not required that you need to write each post with 3-4 paragraphs. Even a 4 liner that express what you felt about the topic is enough.

2. Stay alive. Don't let your blogging interest die down. Even you are not regular blogger, try post at least 1 post per month with summary of events or planned activities. That is fairly enough.

3. Appreciate other blogger's post. If you find anyone is posting interesting topic then better leave a comment in their blog. This helps building rapport and helps you improving your way of communication through blog.

4. Be a peace maker. I see number of people tries to pull others legs with their posts or comments. This increases friction between you and others. This should be avoided. In case you are not accepting someone's post/comment, please politely reject those.

5. Keep Advertisement as extra. I see more people are coming to blogging as a place for earning money. In my view, making money is not wrong, but keep it as extra activity & concentrate on you blog posts. If the content is good then people automatically bookmark your blog, visit it daily and you will surely get money with ads.

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