Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Are you ready to face your life when this incident happens?

You can see - "Are you ready to face your life when this incident happens?" is the main theme in many movies. More movies under production too.

Few movies for example - Speed, Air Force One, 2012, Sudden Death, Under Siege, Phone Booth, Invictus.

Each of these movies portrays life experience of a hero (or a super hero) under a certain critical situation. His timely decisions & actions gives success (or failure) at the end. The hero need not be a police man, president of a country & it can be any one of us. Though movies are taken in keeping entertainment as the motives but it has some impact, in other words Influence on our minds. Each one out of theatres feel it - talk about it - we will have different perspective in understanding the main message. So what is the ultimate outcome of those films?

In a nutshell -

1) Anything can happen in your life be ready to face it

2) Learn lessons from the experience of others

3) Don't get scared of the situation

4) Be proactive & ready with options to tackle the situation

5) Taking one decisions leads an outcome which become input to next set of decision. So do it right from the start.

6) If possible take necessary steps to eliminate the situations in your life

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