Sunday, April 11, 2010

IPL - 'Masala' Movie with full advertisement

Award of "Successful marketing & profit making" for this year goes to - Lalit Modi. Those who are following IPL closely will easily finds out the actual objective of it - Money! Make money out of all possible ways.

View matches in YouTube, in theatres, view in Sony SetMax TV channel with advertisements filling at least 1/3 of your TV screens. They also does localizing every attempt based on the teams. This year, two new teams sold with whopping money - one team amount is not even equal to money of all IPL teams when it was introduced. Masala increases as they are making sure every match go up to last over - last ball chase logic. I see too many matches scheduled the entire flow boring end of the season. There need a quarterfinals in stead of straight semis.

Everyone knows, similar structure of cricket was introduced by Kapil Dev as ICL before IPL's launch - was fully crushed by IPL.

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