Friday, May 07, 2010

Comparison breeds fear

One of the things that prevents the sense of being secure is comparison. When you are compared with somebody else in your studies or in your games or in your looks, you have a sense of anxiety, a sense of fear, a sense of uncertainty. So, as we were discussing yesterday with some of the teaches, it is very important to eliminate in our school this sense of comparison, this giving grades or marks, and ultimately the fear of examinations..

You study better when there is freedom, when there is happiness, when there is some interest. You all know that when you are playing games, when you are doing dramatics, when you are going out for walks, when you are looking at the river, when there is general happiness, good health then you learn much more easily. But when there is fear of comparison, of grades, of examinations, you don't study or learn so well...

The teacher is concerned only that you should pass examinations and go to the next class, and you parents want you to get a class ahead. Neither of them is interested that you should leave school as an intelligent human being without fear.


-- By J.Krishnamurthi from What are you doing with your life? Book

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