Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Greediness spoils credibility

A year ago, I visited a nearby shop for getting wet wipes for the baby. I got it at the rate of Rs.80. I was quite happy that it was not as expensive as other brands. I started to purchase that brand in the same shop from that day onwards.

Few days back, I visited a big shop where they claimed that they are the cheapest. I found the same wet wipes at the rate of Rs. 55 only. I got shocked. I double checked - the brand,quantity & date of expiry and everything was perfect.

Today, when I crossed that shop, the shop salesman asked me -

"Sir, I don't see you buying wipes for a while. Do you want one?"

I told him "Can you give at the rate of Rs.55?".

"How come sir? I am getting it at Rs. 75 and you are asking for a very less rate?"

I asked him "If I supply you at the rate of Rs. 58 per pack will you buy from me?"

He realized that I purchased from where he is also purchasing & he said

"No sir I am getting directly from distributors. No one can give in that low rate".

I told him "I too thought that till I visited 'so-and-so' shop. I got it for Rs.55 and I will supply the same for Rs.58."

"Will you be able to sell it at the rate of Rs. 65 for others?"

He didn't give any reply.

I continued "Profit is an outcome of business. I agree. But credibility is the root. Greediness spoils credibility. If a customer comes to know that you are making business out of his inability & ignorance then he will not spare your business growth. He will spread bad name about your shop which will eventually affect your entire  business." I advised him boldly and left.

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  1. Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed... If we ask more to that sort of persons, they will name it as Biz strategy.... it will be cleared out if everyone knows their social responsibilities... instead of imposing the honesty to the old tired guys..We can teach our kids in such a way to know their responsibilities to see the better India...:)