Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bicasso - Babou's Picasso Drawings

Flower - Butterfly - Red dressed lady --> A unique combination of beauty, nature and attraction. I drew this in my iPad.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fear and Doubt - ultimate weaknesses of mankind

If you want to find the reason for fall of mankind, you can point 2 main ultimate weakness as factors for that - 1) Fear 2) Doubt

Fear doesn't always be considered as cowardly nature. As Napolean Hill mentioned can be any of 6 fears he listed.

* The fear of Poverty
* The fear of Old Age
* The fear of Criticism
* The fear of Loss of Love of Someone
* The fear of Ill Health
* The fear of Death

Doubt is another factor that spoils life and bring anyone down from his current status. Undoubtedly, Doubt is main factor for fall of man/woman in their personal life.

Is "Be cautious" means "avoid it"?

If you are instructed to be cautious, what steps you take? Most of the time, I see people avoid doing that activity due to fear of failure, going against someone's words & finding alternative. Do you think, "Be cautious" means "avoid it" for you?

Highly acclaimed Success Stories are doing something which was considered as risky in this world. So, don't worry about problems. Be cautious says -

.. Analyze thoroughly & Take calculated steps

.. Do the activity with full concentration

.. Have a backup plan in case you finds any issue but still move forward

Once you successfully did it.. World will praise you!!