Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choose one - Valuable Feedback or Empty Emotions? - By T.T. Rangarajan

“Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools because they have to say something.” - Plato
Several experiences in the recent past have caused one lingering thought in me: Does your opinion count? It is startling to realize how much of our energies are expended on aspects of life on which we have no bearing. We direct so much of our intelligence to offer our opinions on aspects of life, knowing very well, what we think of it makes no difference to it.

I was there in the Wankhede stadium watching the cricket world cup final. Once, the crowd knew Sreesanth was there in the playing eleven instead of Aswin there were countless opinions. When Dhoni was seen walking into the arena instead of Yuvraj there were endless opinions. Now, independent of all these opinions, Sreesanth was still there in the playing eleven and Dhoni still batted higher in the order. Did your opinion count?

A feedback is an opinion offered to people under such circumstances where you know you can influence a change. The captain can influence his team. His opinion matters. His opinion counts. He has the power to influence his team with his opinions. His opinions are his feedback. But, you are just a spectator. Your participation and involvement by screaming, clapping and shouting slogans can make a difference in pepping up a team's performance. But your personal opinions are just your opinions. They just get lost into thin air. It is not even heard. So, does your opinion count? No it doesn't!

Which actress should marry which celebrity, who should have long hair, why a succession plan was not done, which party should have alliance with whom, why did the brothers get separated on money matters, how should a player behave on the field, and the list is endless. In almost all of these matters, your opinion does not count.

Why can't you realise, by forming such opinions you throw yourself into unwanted emotional turmoil. When what is happening is not in concurrence with what you feel it should be, the only thing that happens is you are emotionally disturbed. Nothing else changes! When what you are disturbed for, except keeping you disturbed changes nothing else, then they are mere Empty Emotions.

There is a difference between being the player and being a spectator. There is a difference between being the participant and being an observer. There is a difference between a feedback and empty opinions. There are areas where your opinion counts, and areas where it changes nothing but leaving you disturbed.

You have the freedom to have an opinion, always. But the question is, does your opinion count? Mostly, it doesn't. Don't waste your energy. Focus on what you can influence.
Loving you,
T.T. Rangarajan
(Excited to be alive...)

Article From Frozen Thoughts May 2011 Editorial retrieved on 05/10/2011 (URL: http://www.frozenthoughts.com/voice_of_love.html)

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