Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Love it... else Leave it...

There is a recurring theme in any self-help book i.e. Love the activity(either it is your Job or your personal work) that you perform to bring the best out of you.

Isn't it boring when you read those books with this theme recurring? But have you noticed in your real life scenario how your emotion changes when you perform a work with love and without?

Simple life scenario - "You are asked to carry a 10 Kg of rice bag from stores to home which is about One and Half Kilometer. You feel real struggle carrying it. Isn't it?"

Ok. Now consider you have your kid who weighs 12 kg. & your wife asked you to carry the kid from stores to home while she carries the rice bag. How do you feel? You love carrying the baby? Do you struggle or complain about pain once you reached home? It is more certain that you won't"

Though you are carrying more weight, you are loving the activity of carrying your baby than carrying the rice bag. So, you don't feel struggle & you feel happier once you reached home. Love the thing that you perform otherwise Leave it. This makes you concentrate your energy useful & happier ways.

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