Monday, May 02, 2011

News channels - Are you guys don't have anything other than this?

There is a new trend of sensationalizing items in news channels web sites as well as in their news items in TV - Celebrity poses, Sex, Kiss, Gossips, Dare to bare, etc. etc.

Where these media taking us? They make sure these items are there in news headlines & first page with photos in their websites. We can see this happens on day to day basis & more and more obscenity openly without any shame on cashing it by losing good brand name.

Newspaper/TV advertisements of products also has more kind of 'teeny' stories told differently in every frame.

A question to Marketing managers -

Do you guys achieve what you targeted for?


Is this the way you want to advertise your products?

 Don't you feel the way right now you follow is a cheap one & a better way still exists? Is human creativity need to be spent like this rather than useful ways?

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