Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Story - Even if a snake is....

A big snake was living near a busy village road. It was biting many people who were moving around that area. So villagers got fear to walk on that road. One day, a saint visited the village. All village people requested him to do something to safeguard them from the snake. Saint directly went to the snake. As usual snake came near to him to bite.

Saint told to the snake "I have lot of blessings from Siva & I can do whatever I want. Don't force me to kill you with my powers. Hereafter you should not bite anyone. I am going now to other places and will be back after five days. This is my order. You should obey". Snake got fear on hearing Saint's words & it promised him the same.

After that people started normal use of that road & snake was not doing anything to them. It was just lying in its place. Few people started teasing it. Few threw stones on it & laughed at it. Even it got hurt also snake didn't do anything. In next few days, snake got hurt so badly & it was not able to move.

After his trip, on the way Saint visited snake place. It was so weak due to wounds and bleeding. Saint asked snake "What happened? Why are you like this?"

Snake told Saint "You told me not to do any harm to anyone. They threw stones on me all the time. I got hurt & not able to move. If I continue like this I may die soon."

Saint asked "I asked you not to bite anyone. I haven't asked you to lose the habit of hissing & pretend to be biting. If you would have done that, no one throw stone at you."

Snake understood what he said & started hissing and pretended to be biting.

Even one doesn't have some qualities, he pretend to have those whenever required. If not others will hurt you too easily.

“Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous.” - Chanakya quotes

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